Bassett Hound felted

Meet a special little Bassett hound I created at Christmas.

The needle felted toes and spots took a while to do. Bassett hounds have the most endearing and expressive faces.


Labrador Retriever Needle felted Sculpture

Labrador Retriever Needle felted Sculpture

One of my custom made labrador retriever dogs. It is exciting when the dog finally starts to shape. Many hours are spent with a bit of wooly fluff that gradually firms up and takes shape using the felting needle. I use photos of the real dog to help me with the sculpture.

Snow Day for Dog

Snow Day for Dog

It has been snowy and cold lately so our little guy is wearing a sweater to go out.

July News

Having a heatwave here and keeping the dogs in for the main part of the day. Shih Tzu dogs have short nose and muzzle area and sometimes have a harder time breathing when it is very hot . Please remember to  never leave your dog in a car when it is hot. Your precious dog could collapse within minutes.

I have been having fun creating a new website with recent pictures of my dog and animal art. If you have an art, animal rescue site or pet related blogs , please email me , maybe we can exchange links.

My new site is called Dreamwoodart and features miniature animal soft sculptures. It can be viewed here


Here is a picture of a recent rabbit I created .Inspired by a real bunny in the yard.

Biewer dog Rescue

This is a picture of a similar miniature dog I made and donated to the Biewer Breed Club of America Rescue which you can visit here. Hopefully she will raise some money for the dogs in need of help.
The Biewer is also called the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier by some people. You can read more about this special and fairly new breed here.Help dogs in need.

Donation for Rescue Club

Boston terrier dog, needle felted sculpture

The Boston Terrier is a wonderful companion dog and originated in the United States.

You can read more about the breed here.

Waiting for winter to end !

My Shih tzu dogs are getting tired of winter. The snow is so deep here it is hard for them to play outside too much without their short legs disappearing really fast.

My Chihuahua dog on etsy treasury.

Needle felted Chihuahua dog.

Little needle felted chihuahua dog


Thanks for viewing my blog !

Welcome to Dreamwoodart!

Welcome to Dreamwoodart and my blog.

I am an artist who enjoys needle felting and painting. I am an animal lover and animals find a way into my art.

I am a fan of Beatrix Potter and Garth Williams and they inspire my wooly creations. Expression is an important

element of my work and I spend a long time coaxing a face to life so to speak. Art is a mystery.

The name of my blog is inspired by the forests nearby where I live surrounded by branches and birds in the summer.

The forest holds secrets and is a camoflauge for the animals which dwell in its trees and hollows hidden from human view most of the time.